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Aristo-Bit “Nude Beach”


While you wait for a new show tonight, catch a bite sized bit from the last show!

2 Rude Dudes Shoot Interview Part 2


The first part of the shoot interview got so much feedback that we decided to have a part 2. We get on the phone Aaron from the Nigerian Nightmares, Richard Lopes aka Mohoward, former ECW tag team champ Danny Doring and former NWS promoter Gino Moore.

Bad tattoo? Or Life-Ruining Tattoo?

There’s been a few bad Twilight tattoos floating around the web lately, but this is really bad. Bad because it looks like a young girl and it’s in basically the worst spot imaginable. 

(via Reddit)


Old Lady in Electric Wheelchair Crashes Into Girl

Old people never cease to amaze us. I woke up to see this video on my timeline and it really made my day. I had to watch it twice, but it was worth it. Skip forward to :50 and keep your eye on the old lady on the right of the screen. Unless, of course, you’re a fan on teenage breasts bouncing to traditional Irish dance. I think this lady might want to get some maintenance on her Hoveround-round-round.