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Ignore Hitler

A fascinating round of the hit smartphone game “Draw Something” surfaced yesterday. This fella has a unique way of drawing.

Impressive Cartoon Bento Boxes

You’ll never look at meat lunch or a crudités the same way again.This mother makes a new bento box for her child every day apparently. These are some of the more impressive creations that she’s had. Be sure to click the link and check out the 150+ other ones that she’s created.

Super Mario Dollar Is Awesome

(via Reddit)

Blatant Dr. Seuss Book Titles

I love Dr. Sues, but he really needs to get to the point and stop with all the hidden meanings. Amiright?

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Unbelievable Ballpoint Pen Art

This has been around for a while, but I just stumbled onto it again and it still blows me away. Artist Juan Francisco Casas makes art based on photographs using only blue ballpoint pens. The result looks amazingly lifelike. Take a look at some examples here or go to his website, http://www.juanfranciscocasas.com (some content is NSFW).