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Rocksteady and Bebop Cosplay


The Best Way To Get Shot In Miami

Not sure he thought this all the way through. Apparently someone has a gun at the 2:00 mark.

Epic Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter Costume Party

Not sure if this is Halloween or just a party, but these people are fuckin’ serious. (By the way, the boobs are plastic)

(via Reddit)

April O’Neil Cosplay Done Right

This one brings back mammaries… I mean memories… of watching cartoons… yeah. Boobs.

Girls Dressed Like Cartoon Characters

Or, cosplay, if you would. These are all over the place and I found a nice collection of some that aren’t your typical girl cosplays. I especially liked the Helga one even though I hated that show. I think, however, that Cartman has to be the winner. Fat girls can cosplay too! Check out these and others over at Smosh Pit.

(via Smosh Pit)