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Poop Pastry


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Super Mario Converse

Japan is introducing a new version of the Converse/Super Mario shoes (hi-top versions here and here). This low-top version cleverly has the Mario star replacing the Converse star and is available in black or white leather. In Japan. Of course. Vendo, buy me a pair!

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Inappropriate Kids Toys

We’ve all seen those toys that make you say, “What the hell?” Here are some of the better ones that hopefully are no longer available:

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3D Mouse Pads. Not What You’d Think.

Matt sent me a text telling me to search Amazon.com for “3D Mouse Pad”. I was expecting something really neat and maybe technologically or at least ergonomically sound. What I found, however, were these. Yes, you too can rest your wrist on the bosom of an Anime girl while you undoubtedly look up more Anime girls on your computer. Thanks Japan!