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Juggalo for Juggalette

running man

It’s not often that I root for someone to have a life of loneliness, but when I see a Craigslist personal ad like this one, I have to make an exception. The first thing that captures my attention is of course, the facepaint. I’m not 100% against painting your face to support anything (even ICP), but I see that the facepaint is TATTOOED ONTO HIS FUCKING FACE. That’s right! Super Juggalo got his shit permanent! His only recourse is to get a job in a circus. I hope to the Lord above that there is not a Juggalette that will take him up on this offer. Oh, and best line ever… “I have no car right now”.

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I think this might be the worst photo ever taken in the world. Unless they listen to the show, in which case, nice tats! Thanks for listening!

The Worst Tattoo Artist Ever


Thinking of getting a tattoo? Cool, right!? Let’s hope it comes out better than this guy’s work. Synyster Ink Tattoo has been making a buzz with his God awful freehand tattooing. It doesn’t even look like he’s using tattoo ink. These things give prison tattoos a bad name. The worst part is that people are agreeing somewhere to have him decimate their bodies with this garbage. Who looks at his portfolio and says, “Yeah… that’s it!”. As if the tattoos themselves weren’t funny enough, the comments on his Facebook and personal site are hilarious.

Are we wrong to think this is the worst thing we’ve ever seen? Is it art? Wait… there’s ICP tattoos… Yeah, this guy is a tool. Click “Read More” or go to his Facebook for more horrific pics! Read more