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Bad Grocery Signs

Chinese Fast-Food Knock-Offs

There’s a chicken place in New Brunswick, NJ called Kennedy Fried Chicken. The name on the restaurant is the same typeface as KFC and I have no idea how they never got a cease and desist. In China this is a common thing apparently. We’ve had some great knock-off items featured on the site before, but knock-off restaurants? And so blatant!

Awful Product Names

Sometimes certain things get lost in translation. And sometimes someone just needs to get fired. Here are some awful product names from around the world!

(via StewPig)

Odd Vending Machines

We covered the Pizza Vending machine the other day and I wanted to see what else was out there in the vending world. Well, I found quite a few things. Most of them not making much sense or seemingly dangerous. For the full list head over to BuzzFeed, or see a few of the better ones below!.


Tired? Hungry? Sleep on These!

Take a look at some of these tasty pillows! I don’t see where any of these are for sale, but I’m sure you can bother the right person on Etsy to make you some. Head over to Wall to Watch for more!