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Macho Man Tattoo

In last week’s show Derrick mentioned that he saw a pic of a girl with a Macho Man portrait tattoo on her arm. This is that girl.

Dead Wrestler Society

Got a thing for dead wrestlers and $100 to spare? You can get a very cool print from I Love Dust of some dead pro wrestlers! Morbid? Sure. Pretty fucking awesome art? Oh yeah.

Click here to see the whole collection.

Macho Man Skyrim Mod


Since Skyrim came out a few months ago there have been many mods out there from giving you the ability to kill children to the obvious naked mods. This mod, however, has to be the most ridiculous. The Macho Man dragon mod allows you to turn Skyrim dragons into a strange hybrid of dragon and Randy Savage. Complete with Randy’s head and pink tights, the dragon will spew Savage’s dialogue while “Disco Inferno” plays in the background.

(via obviouswinner.com)