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Rocksteady and Bebop Cosplay


Impressive Cartoon Bento Boxes

You’ll never look at meat lunch or a crudités the same way again.This mother makes a new bento box for her child every day apparently. These are some of the more impressive creations that she’s had. Be sure to click the link and check out the 150+ other ones that she’s created.

Grown Up Alien Ninja Turtles


Well, we called it last week when we said the new TMNT movie would probably simply be called “Ninja Turtles” since they are now from another planet and probably not teenagers at all. The Turtles movie backlash is staggering creating not just hateful comments and death threats, but now a rather catchy song/video homage to what can only now be called… Grown Up Alien Ninja Turtles.

Crazy Ass Poodle Hairstyles

While I’m sure there’s no direct harm being done to this poodle, I would like to have this person put away for a few years just to imagine up that you could do these things.

(via geniusbeauty.com)

April O’Neil Cosplay Done Right

This one brings back mammaries… I mean memories… of watching cartoons… yeah. Boobs.