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First Person Mario

In this wonderful video, you can see level 1-1 from the original Super Mario Brothers in a first person perspective. Now, someone make this damn game!

Epic Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter Costume Party

Not sure if this is Halloween or just a party, but these people are fuckin’ serious. (By the way, the boobs are plastic)

(via Reddit)

MariO (Super Mario/Portal Game)

Well as you can guess we’re big fans of Mario here. Portal as well. So when a group of people made a Mario Brothers Portal game you bet we were paying attention. I haven’t got to play it yet, but here’s the teaser trailer that was released for it. You can download the game at stabyourself.net and check it out for yourself! By the way, nice touch with the Wizard footage.

Super Mario Dollar Is Awesome

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Girls Dressed Like Cartoon Characters

Or, cosplay, if you would. These are all over the place and I found a nice collection of some that aren’t your typical girl cosplays. I especially liked the Helga one even though I hated that show. I think, however, that Cartman has to be the winner. Fat girls can cosplay too! Check out these and others over at Smosh Pit.

(via Smosh Pit)