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How To Date A Guy From 1938

Listen up, dames. Get your stems shaved and get togged to the bricks, cause this is how you treat a butter and egg man!

Old Racist and Insensitive Advertising

One of my favorite things to come across is old advertising that you could never get away with nowadays. Back in the day black people were a joke, smoking was good for you and women were lean mean sandwich making machines!

What the Heck is Electronic Mail?

It’s strange that my kid will never know a time when email didn’t exist. Over the years we have spent a lot of time trying to explain this newfangled technology to old people. Some are more humorous than others.

Golden Girls Tattoos

Thank you for being a friend, indeed! I came across an adorable Golden Girls tattoo yesterday and thought I’d share it. I also found a shit ton more that weren’t so adorable. Who would have thought a show about post-menopausal¬†roommates¬†would garner such an audience that would get their faces tattooed on them?

Some more, not all so nice ones…

Super Creep Professes Love for Selena Gomez

Just when we thought the Video for Briona guy was creepy, along comes this guy and blows him out of the water. This elderly fella professes his love for a 19 year old Selena Gomez saying things like he’s “head over heels in love with her” and she can “read his mind”. He doesn’t seem to care that everyone that has seen this video thinks he’s a pedo.