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Grown Up Alien Ninja Turtles


Well, we called it last week when we said the new TMNT movie would probably simply be called “Ninja Turtles” since they are now from another planet and probably not teenagers at all. The Turtles movie backlash is staggering creating not just hateful comments and death threats, but now a rather catchy song/video homage to what can only now be called… Grown Up Alien Ninja Turtles.

April O’Neil Cosplay Done Right

This one brings back mammaries… I mean memories… of watching cartoons… yeah. Boobs.

Chinese Fast-Food Knock-Offs

There’s a chicken place in New Brunswick, NJ called Kennedy Fried Chicken. The name on the restaurant is the same typeface as KFC and I have no idea how they never got a cease and desist. In China this is a common thing apparently. We’ve had some great knock-off items featured on the site before, but knock-off restaurants? And so blatant!

Would You Like a Wedding With Your Pizza?


You only have a few days left to get a wedding with your $10 pizza box for an extra $10,000. Wait, what? Yeah. Pizza Hut is running a promotion where you can get a $10 “pizza box” along with a ring, firework show, limo, photographer, videographer and flowers for a mere $10,010. That’s some serious Pizza Hut dedication. So what if the wedding doesn’t happen? Well, the Hut will refund your money if you don’t get hitched by 3/31/12. How nice of them.

(via Pizza Hut)

A Look at the New TMNT Toys

Nickelodeon is getting a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon soon and as such there are new toys coming out! Why should a 31 year old man be excited about toys? Well, most of the Aristocrats had the original TMNT toys so seeing new ones just kinda bring us back to the good old days. I have to say, these look really good… except… WHAT DID YOU DO TO APRIL? What the hell? Ok, Krang got a robotic makeover. I get it. But who is that little girl? Hopefully She gets a “classic” figure like the 4 turtles got shown below.

(via MTV Geek)