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Video From The Greatest Shave Ever

Shaun gets a fresh shave using Grooming Lounge’s “The Greatest Shave Ever” kit.

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Lovers and Kings Contest Winner!


Yesterday Mark Valdez was named the winner of the full book preview of Lovers and Kings Book One! Congratulations!

Starting TODAY you can pre-order the book yourself at www.LoversAndKings.com


Lovers and Kings Promo With Lorin


Our own Lorin put together a review for “Lovers and Kings Book One” that aired last night on Aristocrats Radio and Steve Juliano liked it so much he turned it into a YouTube video! Thanks to Steve for letting us plug this awesome book and be sure to pre-order starting February 1st at loversandkings.com

“Lovers and Kings Book One” Contest


Tomorrow we will be sponsored by writer/artist/musician Steven Juliano’s (I Am Ghost, Requiem For The Dead) new graphic novel “Lovers and Kings Book One”. One lucky listener will be given a chance to preview the entire book and give a review for the author himself. Listen live tomorrow at 7pm EST right here for a chance to win! Our own Aristo-Brat Lorin has read the book and wrote an exclusive review:

    Lovers and Kings Book One author Steven Juliano, is quasi-horror meets fantasy meets reality graphic novel, and boy is it ever graphic. Lovers and Kings is a complex tale of a small French commune called Bezonvoux. This small town once fully populated was completely left devastatatingly unpopulated after the very first battle of WW1, the battle of Verdun. This is the story of how the town withered away leaving a vast wasteland never to be rebuilt or repopulated again. Lovers and Kings is a tale of necessary deceptions, deeply-buried secrets and the unraveling of the lives of the children that inhabit this strange and curious place.
    As soon as I began to read this novel, I couldn’t stop. The artwork, also the work of Steven Juliano, was way too beautiful to look away from.  I was completely enraptured by and consumed in the story; the gorgeous illustrations were just an added bonus. That said, there is only but a small amount of character development as there are many of them, most of them very young children throughout the novel. I am looking forward to learning more about each character as the next few books are released in this soon to be series.
    There was no waiting for this story to get warmed up. I opened up the first page only to be immersed in the sensory perception. The beautiful sights, sounds, and smells made this fantastically relatable and realistic. The back-story was a very intriguing one, and left me wondering how in the hell Mr. Juliano would merge the three genres of art, and still make it even semi believable. I was so pleased with this work that I did in fact read it again. The nightmares I have experienced from this chilling piece have been well worth it.
    While it’s mostly horror, Lovers and Kings Book one also delves into religious and sexual symbolism by use of the newest version of forbidden fruit…the blood orange. This is a dark fairytale for adults! Oh, who can resist such a sweet thing? Over all, it’s a very compelling read. Treat yourself to a copy of Lovers and Kings book one, you won’t be disappointed.

-Lorin Pirilli

PREORDER LOVERS AND KINGS AT www.loversandkings.com on Feb 1st 2012