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R2D2 Apron

Now you can get your woman to do your laundry WHILE dressed vaguely as R2D2! Head over to Etsy to get your woman servant fitted.

“Jedi” Attacks Shoppers, Police at Toy Store

You can’t make this shit up. David Allen Canterbury, 33, is getting a mental health evaluation and a 45 days stint in jail after attacking customers in a Toys R Us in Portland.

After attacking some customers while dual-wielding a toy lightsaber in each hand, the police were called. He contunued his attack outside, swinging at police.

The best part? An officer attempted to shoot Canterbury with a taser and Canterbury deflected it with his plastic saber! The force is strong with this one! He was eventually wrestled to the ground and arrested.

David apologized to his “victims”. He now has quite the Canterbury Tale to tell his children.

Life-size Stormtrooper Cake


As an avid Star Wars and extreme cake fan, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve wasted plenty of time watching cake shows to know that this thing had to be damn near impossible to make. Kudos to Amanda Oakleaf Cakes in Boston. Click “More” to see full image. Read more

The Lazy Jedi

This video basically sums up what everyone would end up doing if they had Jedi powers.