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Last Chance For Stickers!

I have a small amount of the “Classic” Aristocrats stickers left to send out. Once these are gone, they’re done! If you’d like a few, send a donation of $5 or more here! All money will go to the show (new stickers, shirts, web hosting costs) so that we can continue to make this show the best we can. Be sure to put your address down in the donation page or you get nothing. And we keep your money. Thanks!


Get Stickers!!

We’ve been giving out stickers left and right and getting back some cool pics of them all over town. Want some? Well, you gotta come find us. OR!! You can donate $5 or more to us by clicking the link below! The donations are safe through PayPal (we don’t get your credit card number or anything) and will go directly to the show to help cover costs of putting it on. Be sure to include your address so we can send you some stickers and other goodies as we get them.



Donate to the Show! Get Stickers!

Earlier this week I stated that a donation of $5 or more (link is on the side of the page) will get you some nifty stickers! Be sure to include your address so we know where the hell to send them. All donations will go toward producing the show and keeping it up and running. Equipment and web space ain’t free ya know. We will also send some extra goodies along! You don’t even need a PayPal account. You can use any credit card. Just click the link below to help out.

Look at how much fun you can have with these stickers!! MY GOD!!