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First Person Mario

In this wonderful video, you can see level 1-1 from the original Super Mario Brothers in a first person perspective. Now, someone make this damn game!

MariO (Super Mario/Portal Game)

Well as you can guess we’re big fans of Mario here. Portal as well. So when a group of people made a Mario Brothers Portal game you bet we were paying attention. I haven’t got to play it yet, but here’s the teaser trailer that was released for it. You can download the game at stabyourself.net and check it out for yourself! By the way, nice touch with the Wizard footage.

Super Mario Dollar Is Awesome

(via Reddit)

Awesome Game Boy/iPod Mod

I stumbled across a very ingenious (albeit old) mod that combines an iPod with a Game Boy. The guy hollowed out an old Game Boy and the iPod fits perfectly into the screen with a little help of some padding on the inside. He even went as far as to make the Game Boy’s buttons control the iPod. I realize that today the iPod itself in this version is outdated so this is kinda like having a hi-fi stereo that looks like a Victrola, but it’s still neat.

(via Flickr)

Old Mario Brothers News Piece


Before the world knew what Super Mario was, or even Nintendo for that matter, there were news pieces explaining what the hell is actually was. Good ol Bill O’Reilly starts off this story. I’m sure nowadays he’d be talking about how the same games are poisoning children’s minds, but here he’s just doing his old job. It’s interesting to see how people explained something that is so commonplace today.