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When is it Time to Call the Police?

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Horrible X-Men Tattoo

Ok. I posted a few months ago a tattoo of Wolverine riding a My Little Pony. At least it looked like what it was supposed to be. This amazingly crap tattoo features everyone’s favorite Wolverine and the teleporting Nightcrawler. It looks like my 3 year old drew it up.

Macho Man Tattoo

In last week’s show Derrick mentioned that he saw a pic of a girl with a Macho Man portrait tattoo on her arm. This is that girl.

Bad tattoo? Or Life-Ruining Tattoo?

There’s been a few bad Twilight tattoos floating around the web lately, but this is really bad. Bad because it looks like a young girl and it’s in basically the worst spot imaginable. 

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R2D2 Apron

Now you can get your woman to do your laundry WHILE dressed vaguely as R2D2! Head over to Etsy to get your woman servant fitted.