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When is it Time to Call the Police?

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“Shovelin” Shaun Comes Out of the Woodwork to Do a Promo

Drugged Girl Humps Tree

Our friend @lela829 sent us this video yesterday of a drugged up gal at the Ultra Music Festival getting it on with a tree. The whole thing was caught on tape before someone grabbed her and ran off. Video has no nudity, but may be NSFW regardless.

Strange Pregnancy Portraits

I understand that people get really excited about being pregnant. I also understand that you may want to have a picture taking celebrating the pregnancy. These people, however, I do not understand.

Would You Like a Wedding With Your Pizza?


You only have a few days left to get a wedding with your $10 pizza box for an extra $10,000. Wait, what? Yeah. Pizza Hut is running a promotion where you can get a $10 “pizza box” along with a ring, firework show, limo, photographer, videographer and flowers for a mere $10,010. That’s some serious Pizza Hut dedication. So what if the wedding doesn’t happen? Well, the Hut will refund your money if you don’t get hitched by 3/31/12. How nice of them.

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