A Note About the Donate Button

You may have noticed with the new web design comes a new fancy PayPal button on the side of the web page named “Donate”. In the past we have never asked for nor taken any money from outside the show for any reason. This show is completely self-produced and financed by us. However, in keeping with the times we have decided to leave it up to you, the listener, to bestow your generosity onto us. The website cost money, the equipment cost money (we have a mic being held together with electrical tape) and the time spend producing this show is significant. It is a hobby of ours and always has been and always will be available free of charge (who would pay for it?), but if you listen to and enjoy the show and would like to make a contribution this is how you can.

Believe it or not we have had offers in the past to buy merchandise or just take money to help out and haven’t accepted. In keeping with the merch idea, any donation over $5 will receive a care package from us including stickers and some other special surprises. What kind of surprises? Maybe a photo of Steve’s ass? A lock of Matt’s hair? One of Shaun’s stuffed Disney dolls? An autographed color photocopy of Derrick’s most recent colonoscopy? Who knows. We want to keep doing this show and any donations will be used and appreciated. Also in the future, we’re looking to come up with T-shirt designs that can also be available to you, the listener who supports this show.

This is one of our little ways of reaching out to the listeners and letting them show their appreciation and support a medium that is thriving and ever changing. Together we can continue making this show and improving it week to week. Thank you to everyone who listens!



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