Best of Twitter: Jim Duggan and Ghetto Hikes

If you listened to this weeks show you may have heard us talking about former WWE (F) wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan’s twitter page (@HacksawJDuggan)  Well, it’s not really him, but it is really funny. If you know the Jim Duggan character then this is a real hoot to read in his voice. Here are some of the better posts:

Of course the digs don’t stop there. Shaun’s old foe Marty Jannetty has a few mentions as well.

The other mention on the show was Ghetto Hikes (@GhettoHikes). His description is “I’m 28. I have a full time job leading urban kids on nature hikes. I simply write down shit they say”. This page kind of came out of nowhere last week and as of this posting has just under 70,000 followers and a mere 15 tweets. I’m not sure if this is a gimmick Twitter account or it’s a guy that just got lucky, but the content is hilarious. I urge you to simply go to the page and read them all, but here is a sample:

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