Juggalo for Juggalette

running man

It’s not often that I root for someone to have a life of loneliness, but when I see a Craigslist personal ad like this one, I have to make an exception. The first thing that captures my attention is of course, the facepaint. I’m not 100% against painting your face to support anything (even ICP), but I see that the facepaint is TATTOOED ONTO HIS FUCKING FACE. That’s right! Super Juggalo got his shit permanent! His only recourse is to get a job in a circus. I hope to the Lord above that there is not a Juggalette that will take him up on this offer. Oh, and best line ever… “I have no car right now”.

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  1. Stevie says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!

    • Fer says:

      and i would like to add that i have been listening to icp since i was 9 years old, ive been to sevreal of their concerts, and i am attending my second gathering (gathering of the juggalos which is a HUGE music festival icp puts together every year, for those of you who dont know) and at 21 years old, yeah ive done some dumb shit in life but who hasnt. . .and icp has had not a thing to do with it. . .you as a person make choices. . .i dont believe that music, video games whatever people want to blame shit on these days makes a person do things. . .you make your own choices in life. . .to me being a juggalo (which i call myself cause i was all about it before juggalette even existed as a term) is having a family, which i never really had growing up, having someone you can always count on and know will be there for you when youre at rock bottom. its about trust, and friendship, and always knowing someone some where has you’re back. it really truly is a way of life, and i thank the insane clown posse for everything they have done because i know i wouldnt be where i am today if it wasnt for the juggalos i know and love. if i didnt have juggalos i would probably be out on the streets somewhere living under a bridge or something. actually, to make a point here, you dont even have to listen to icp to be a juggalo because it truly isnt about the music, its a way of life and a way of thinking. so in conclusion i would just like to say, people need to stop assuming that just because some people who call themselves juggalos fuck up horribly, doesnt mean every juggalo is like that. . .get to know a truly down juggalo. . .a juggalo whos about the lifestyle and the family aspect. . .not a little punk ass 13 year old CHILD calling their self a juggalo cause its “cool” and you’ll actually see what juggalos are truly about

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